IGNITE Kids Ministry Vision

To reach the next generation requires us to build a culture that carries our vision to them. A culture that empowers them to reach their friends, that expands their ministry to the world around them. They need opportunities to assimilate to serve our community now while experiencing a celebration of hope in their own lives and practicing lives of worship to a loving Heavenly Father. We need a culture that raises a generation whose hearts BURN for God…welcome to Ignite Kids!

IGNITE Kids Ministry Age Groups

  • Spark: 6 weeks old through 2 years old
  • Blaze: 3 years old through Kindergarten (fully potty trained)
  • Wildfire: 1st grade through 5th grade

First time guest? Let us guide you!

  • Step 1: Inform our first impressions greeters that you are new and would like for your child to be a part of the children’s service.
  • Step 2: Meet our Christ loving qualified teachers! It is important to us that you are comfortable with every teacher/volunteer that your child encounters. Therefore, our wonderful first impressions ministry will guide you and your family to the appropriate classroom that fits your child’s age.
  • Step 3: Check in your child. For the safety of every child under our supervision, we have a check in system that will require information such as parent/legal guardian name, children’s name, and any special accommodations needed for each child.
  • Step 4: Still have questions or concerns? All questions and concerns can be directed to the teachers; they will be more than happy to assist you in any way!

IGNITE Kids Ministry Safety

The safety of every child that comes through our doors is always a priority. To begin with, all Ignite volunteers must pass a background check. Next, we have onsite security volunteers to ensure your child’s safety. Furthermore, there is a security sticker system used for check in and check out with all new visitors. If for any reason you should need to contacted, each classroom is equipped with meldonium talkies that can directly notify the appropriate individuals that can contact you. Please be aware that, for security purposes, only the scheduled teachers and or volunteers are allowed in the classroom.

Questions or concerns? Please feel free to contact our IGNITE Kids Ministry Director , Lynn Jones at Ljones@pcc-va.org