One of the highlights of being a part of the mission of Parkway over the years has been our ability to participate in the annual Seed-Time Offering.  Based on the scriptures found in Matthew 13:11-23; 25:14-30, and the Parable of the Talents, we have come to understand that God has given each of us an ability to multiply the Kingdom financially. Last February members of Parkway received a $5.00 bill that was to be sown into any other ministry other than Parkway.  Our purpose was to have our congregation watch how God provides a “hundred-fold”, “sixty-fold”, “thirty-fold” harvests for his people. There have been some amazing miracles witnessed the last 14 years through the faithfulness and obedience.  Join us beginning May 21st through November 25th as we receive our annual Seed-Time Offering.  Seed-Time Offering will be collected each and every Sunday during the morning worship service.