Mark 12 talks about loving thy neighbor as thyself. Join Parkway as why show love and support for the people in Puerto Rico who are still dealing with the devastation brought from Hurricane Maria. During the month of November we will be collecting items to support our neighbors in Puerto Rico. You are able to place those items in the collection box located in the foyer of the Chesapeake Campus. Want to know specific items that you can purchase to support Puerto Rico? Please see the list of items below:

Emergency Supplies:
• Bottled Water
• Baby wipes
• Hand sanitizer
• Diapers
• Canned foods
• Dry foods
• Baby formula
• Garbage bags
• Towels
• Canned milk
• Canned and dry pet food
• Baby and adult pain relief
• Stomach and Diarrhea
relief medicine
• Mosquito repellant
• Blankets
• Pillows
• First-aid kits
• Laundry detergents
• Dish soap
• Cots

Construction Supplies
• Extension cords
• Ground fault protectors
• Pop-up canopies
• Shovels
• Wheelbarrows
• Crowbars
• Hammers
• Utility knives
• Work gloves
• Wood panels
• Electric generators
• Electric cables
• Tarp
• Ropes
• Chainsaws
• Safety glasses